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2.1 Command Line
raco pkg install
raco pkg update
raco pkg remove
raco pkg show
raco pkg config
raco pkg create
2.2 Programmatic

2 Managing Packages

The Racket package manager has two user interfaces: a command line raco sub-command and a library. They have the exact same capabilities, as the command line interface invokes the library functions and reprovides all their options.

2.1 Command Line

The raco pkg sub-command provides the following sub-sub-commands:

2.2 Programmatic

 (require planet2)

The planet2 module provides a programmatic interface to the command sub-sub-commands.

Duplicates the command line interface.

Each long form option of the command-line interface is keyword argument. An argument corresponding to --type, --deps, --format, or --scope accepts its argument as a symbol. All other options accept booleans, where #t is equivalent to the presence of the option.