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9.2 "info.rkt" File Format

 #lang setup/infotab

In each collection, a special module file "info.rkt" provides general information about a collection for use by various tools. For example, an "info.rkt" file specifies how to build the documentation for a collection, and it lists plug-in tools for DrRacket or commands for raco that the collection provides.

Although an "info.rkt" file contains a module declaration, the declaration has a highly constrained form. It must match the following grammar of info-module:

  info-module = 
(module info intotab-mod-path
  intotab-mod-path = setup/infotab
  | (lib "setup/infotab.ss")
  | (lib "setup/infotab.rkt")
  | (lib "infotab.rkt" "setup")
  | (lib "infotab.ss" "setup")
  decl = (define id info-expr)
  | (require allowed-path)
  info-expr = 'datum
  | `datum
  | (info-primitive info-expr ...)
  | id
  | string
  | number
  | boolean
  | (string-constant identifier)
  info-primitive = cons
  | car
  | cdr
  | list
  | list*
  | reverse
  | append
  | string-append
  | path->string
  | build-path
  | collection-path
  | system-library-subpath
  allowed-path = (lib "string-constant.ss" "string-constants")
  | (lib "string-constants/string-constant.ss")
  | string-constants/string-constant
  | string-constants

For example, the following declaration could be the "info.rkt" library of the "games" collection. It contains definitions for three info tags, name, gracket-launcher-libraries, and gracket-launcher-names.

#lang setup/infotab
(define name "Games")
(define gracket-launcher-libraries '("main.rkt"))
(define gracket-launcher-names     '("PLT Games"))

As illustrated in this example, an "info.rkt" file can use #lang notation, but only with the setup/infotab language.

See also get-info from setup/getinfo.


(require module-path)

Like require, but constrained to allowed-path as shown in the grammar above.