4.3 Manual Forms

The scribble/manual language provides all of scribble/base plus many additional functions that are specific to writing Racket documentation.
The scribble/manual name can also be used as a library with require, in which case it provides all of the same bindings, but without setting the reader or setting the default rendering format to the Racket manual format.

With #lang, scribble/manual associates a latex-defaults style property with its doc export to select the default Racket manual style for Latex rendering—unless a style is supplied to title that already includes a latex-defaults style property.

    4.3.1 Typesetting Code #lang-Specified Code Racket Code Preserving Comments Code Fonts and Styles

    4.3.2 Documenting Modules

    4.3.3 Documenting Forms, Functions, Structure Types, and Values

    4.3.4 Documenting Classes and Interfaces

    4.3.5 Documenting Signatures

    4.3.6 Various String Forms

    4.3.7 Links

    4.3.8 Indexing

    4.3.9 Images

    4.3.10 Bibliography

    4.3.11 Miscellaneous

    4.3.12 Index-Entry Descriptions