2 Making Pictures

The slideshow/pict layer provides core functions for constructing pictures, and it is independent of the slide viewer. This layer can be used, for example, to generate a picture as encapsulated PostScript for inclusion into a larger document. The slideshow/pict layer is re-provided by the slideshow language.

    2.1 Pict Datatype

    2.2 Basic Pict Constructors

    2.3 Pict Combiners

    2.4 Pict Drawing Adjusters

    2.5 Bounding Box Adjusters

    2.6 Pict Finders

    2.7 More Pict Constructors

      2.7.1 Dingbats

      2.7.2 Balloon Annotations

      2.7.3 Face

      2.7.4 Flash

    2.8 Miscellaneous

    2.9 Rendering

    2.10 Conversion to Picts