3 Libraries Provided With Typed Racket

The typed/racket language corresponds to the racket language—that is, any identifier provided by racket, such as modulo is available by default in typed/racket.

#lang typed/racket
(modulo 12 2)

The typed/racket/base language corresponds to the racket/base language.

Some libraries have counterparts in the typed collection, which provide the same exports as the untyped versions. Such libraries include srfi/14, net/url, and many others.

#lang typed/racket
(require typed/srfi/14)
(char-set= (string->char-set "hello")
           (string->char-set "olleh"))

To participate in making more libraries available, please visit here.

Other libraries can be used with Typed Racket via require/typed.

#lang typed/racket
(require/typed version/check
               [check-version (-> (U Symbol (Listof Any)))])