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_ int8
_ sint8
_ uint8
_ int16
_ sint16
_ uint16
_ int32
_ sint32
_ uint32
_ int64
_ sint64
_ uint64
_ byte
_ sbyte
_ ubyte
_ short
_ sshort
_ ushort
_ int
_ sint
_ uint
_ word
_ sword
_ uword
_ long
_ slong
_ ulong
_ fixnum
_ ufixnum
_ fixint
_ ufixint
_ float
_ double
_ double*

3.2 Numeric Types

The basic integer types at various sizes. The s or u prefix specifies a signed or an unsigned integer, respectively; the ones with no prefix are signed.

Aliases for basic integer types. The _byte aliases correspond to _int8. The _short and _word aliases correspond to _int16. The _int aliases correspond to _int32. The _long aliases correspond to either _int32 or _int64, depending on the platform.

For cases where speed matters and where you know that the integer is small enough, the types _fixnum and _ufixnum are similar to _long and _ulong but assume that the quantities fit in Racket’s immediate integers (i.e., not bignums).

Like _fixnum and _ufixnum, but coercions from C are checked to be in range.

The _float and _double types represent the corresponding C types. The type _double* that implicitly coerces any real number to a C double.