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12 Plot

The mrlib/plot library provides a simple tool for plotting data values to a device context.

(struct data-set (points connected? pen min-x max-x min-y max-y)
  #:extra-constructor-name make-data-set)
  points : (listof (is-a?/c point%))
  connected? : any/c
  pen : (is-a?/c pen%)
  min-x : real?
  max-x : real?
  min-y : real?
  max-y : real?
The points field contains the data values to plot, and connected? indicates whether the points are connected by a line. The pen field provides a pen for plotting points/lines. The remaining fields determine the plotting area within a drawing context.

(struct plot-setup (axis-label-font
  #:extra-constructor-name make-plot-setup)
  axis-label-font : (is-a?/c font%)
  axis-number-font : (is-a?/c font%)
  axis-pen : (is-a?/c pen)
  grid? : any/c
  grid-pen : (is-a?/c pen)
  x-axis-marking : (listof real?)
  y-axis-marking : (listof real?)
  x-axis-label : string?
  y-axis-label : string?
Configures a plot. The grid? field determines whether to draw a grid at axis markings, and the x-axis-marking and y-axis-marking lists supply locations for marks on each axis. The other fields are self-explanatory.

(plot dc data setup)  void?
  dc : (is-a?/c dc<%>)
  data : (listof data-set?)
  setup : plot-setup?
Draws the data-sets in data into the given dc. Uses drawing-context coordinates in data-sets that will accommodate all of the data sets.