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3 R6RS Module Language

 #lang r6rs

The r6rs language is usually used in the form #!r6rs, which is equivalent to #lang r6rs and is also valid R6RS syntax.

The r6rs module language provides only a #%module-begin binding, which is used to process the entire module body (see module). It allows the body of a module to use the syntax of either a R6RS library or a R6RS top-level program.

 (library library-name
   (export export-spec ...)
   (import import-spec ...)
   library-body ...))
 (import import-spec ...)
 program-body ...)
An r6rs module that contains a single library form defines an R6RS library, while a module body that starts with an import form defined an R6RS top-level program.

The library, export, and import identifiers are not exported by the r6rs library; they are recognized through equivalence to unbound identifiers.