6 raco setup: Installation Management

The raco setup command finds, compiles, configures, and installs documentation for all collections in a Racket installation. It can also install single ".plt" files.

    6.1 Running raco setup

      6.1.1 Controlling raco setup with "info.rkt" Files

    6.2 "info.rkt" File Format

    6.3 API for Installation

      6.3.1 raco setup Unit

      6.3.2 Options Unit

      6.3.3 Options Signature

    6.4 API for Installing ".plt" Archives

      6.4.1 Installing a Single ".plt" File Non-GUI Installer GUI Installer GUI Unpacking Signature GUI Unpacking Unit

      6.4.2 Unpacking ".plt" Archives

      6.4.3 Format of ".plt" Archives

    6.5 API for Finding Installation Directories

    6.6 API for Reading "info.rkt" Files

    6.7 API for Paths Relative to "collects"

    6.8 API for Cross-References for Installed Manuals