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4.2.10 Bibliography

See also scriblib/autobib.

(cite key ...+)  element?
  key : string?
Links to a bibliography entry, using the keys both to indicate the bibliography entry and, in square brackets, as the link text.

(bibliography [#:tag tag] entry ...)  part?
  tag : string? = "doc-bibliography"
  entry : bib-entry?
Creates a bibliography part containing the given entries, each of which is created with bib-entry. The entries are typeset in order as given.

(bib-entry #:key key    
  #:title title    
  [#:is-book? is-book?    
  #:author author    
  #:location location    
  #:date date    
  #:url url])  bib-entry?
  key : string?
  title : (or/c false/c pre-content?)
  is-book? : boolean? = #f
  author : (or/c false/c pre-content?) = #f
  location : (or/c false/c pre-content?) = #f
  date : (or/c false/c pre-content?) = #f
  url : (or/c false/c pre-content?) = #f
Creates a bibliography entry. The key is used to refer to the entry via cite. The other arguments are used as elements in the entry:

(bib-entry? v)  boolean?
  v : any/c
Returns #t if v is a bibliography entry created by bib-entry, #f otherwise.