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Version: 5.0

3.4 JFP Paper Format

The scribble/jfp language is like scribble/manual, but configured with Latex style defaults to use the "jfp.cls" class file that is included with Scribble.

Latex output with scribble/jfp uses a main-document version supplied to title as the short-form document name (to be used in page headers).

(abstract pre-content ...)  block?
  pre-content : pre-content?
Generates a nested flow for a paper abstract.

(include-abstract module-path)
Similar to include-section, but incorporates the document in the specified module as an abstract. The document must have no title or sub-parts.

(author name ...)  block?
  name : pre-content?
A replacement for author from scribble/base.

((author/short short-name ...) long-name ...)  block?
  short-name : pre-content?
  long-name : pre-content?
Like author, but allows the short-form names (to be used in page headers) to be specified separately from the long-form name.

(affiliation place ...)  element?
  place : pre-content?
(affiliation-mark mark ...)  element?
  mark : pre-content?
(affiliation-sep)  element?
Use affiliation within author or the long-name part of author/short to specify affiliations after all authors. If different authors have different affiliations, use affiliation-mark with a number after each author, and then use affiliation-mark before each different affiliation within a single affiliation, using (affiliation-sep) to separate affiliations.