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Version: 5.0

1 Writing Examples with Pict Results

The scriblib/gui-eval library support example evaluations with results that are slideshow picts.

The trick is that racket/gui is not generally available when rendering documentation, because it requires a GUI context. The picture output is rendered to an image file when the MREVAL environment variable is set, so run the enclosing document once with the environment varibale to generate the images. Future runs (with the environment variable unset) use the generated image.

(gui-interaction datum ...)
(gui-interaction-eval datum ...)
(gui-interaction-eval-show datum ...)
(gui-schemeblock+eval datum ...)
(gui-schememod+eval datum ...)
(gui-def+int datum ...)
(gui-defs+int datum ...)
Like interaction, etc., but actually evaluating the forms only when the MREVAL environment variable is set, and then in an evaluator that is initialized with racket/gui/base and slideshow.