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non-empty-string/ c
if/ c

3 Contracts

 (require unstable/contract)

This library is unstable; compatibility will not be maintained. See Unstable for more information.

Contract for non-empty strings.

Equivalent to (between/c 1 65535).

Equivalent to (or/c path-string? (symbols 'up  'same)).

The subsequent bindings were added by Ryan Culpepper.

(if/c predicate then-contract else-contract)  contract?
  predicate : (-> any/c any/c)
  then-contract : contract?
  else-contract : contract?
Produces a contract that, when applied to a value, first tests the value with predicate; if predicate returns true, the then-contract is applied; otherwise, the else-contract is applied. The resulting contract is a flat contract if both then-contract and else-contract are flat contracts.

For example, the following contract enforces that if a value is a procedure, it is a thunk; otherwise it can be any (non-procedure) value:
  (if/c procedure? (-> any) any/c)
Note that the following contract is not equivalent:
  (or/c (-> any) any/c) ; wrong!
The last contract is the same as any/c because or/c tries flat contracts before higher-order contracts.

(rename-contract contract name)  contract?
  contract : contract?
  name : any/c
Produces a contract that acts like contract but with the name name.

The resulting contract is a flat contract if contract is a flat contract.