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7.9 Tag Utilities

The scribble/tag library provides utilities for constructing cross-reference tags. The library is re-exported by scribble/base.


(make-section-tag name    
  [#:doc doc-mod-path    
  #:tag-prefixes tag-prefixes])  tag?
  name : string?
  doc-mod-path : (or/c module-path? #f) = #f
  tag-prefixes : (or/c #f (listof string?)) = #f
Forms a tag that refers to a section whose “tag” (as provided by the #:tag argument to section, for example) is name. If doc-mod-path is provided, the tag references a section in the document implemented by doc-mod-path from outside the document. Additional tag prefixes (for intermediate sections, typically) can be provided as tag-prefixes.


(make-module-language-tag lang)  tag?

  lang : symbol?
Forms a tag that refers to a section that contains defmodulelang for the language lang.


(taglet? v)  boolean?

  v : any/c
Returns #t if v is a taglet, #f otherwise.

A taglet is a value that can be combined with a symbol via list to form a tag, but that is not a generated-tag. A taglet is therefore useful as a piece of a tag, and specifically as a piece of a tag that can gain a prefix (e.g., to refer to a section of a document from outside the document).


(doc-prefix mod-path taglet)  taglet?

  mod-path : (or/c #f module-path?)
  taglet : taglet?
(doc-prefix mod-path extra-prefixes taglet)  taglet?
  mod-path : (or/c #f module-path?)
  extra-prefixes : (or/c #f (listof taglet?))
  taglet : taglet?
Converts part of a cross-reference tag that would work within a document implemented by mod-path to one that works from outside the document, assuming that mod-path is not #f. That is, mod-path is converted to a taglet and added as prefix to an existing taglet.

If extra-prefixes is provided, then its content is added as a extra prefix elements before the prefix for mod-path is added. A #f value for extra-prefixes is equivalent to '().

If mod-path is #f, then taglet is returned without a prefix (except adding extra-prefixes, if provided).


(module-path-prefix->string mod-path)  string?

  mod-path : module-path?
Converts a module path to a string by resolving it to a path, and using path->main-collects-relative.


(module-path-index->taglet mpi)  taglet?

  mpi : module-path-index?
Converts a module path index to a tagleta normalized encoding of the path as an S-expression—that is interned via intern-taglet.

The string form of the taglet is used as prefix in a tag to form cross-references into the document that is implemented by the module referenced by mpi.


(intern-taglet v)  any/c

  v : any/c
Returns a value that is equal? to v, where multiple calls to intern-taglet for equal? vs produce the same (i.e., eq?) value.