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6.16 API for Materializing User-Specific Documentation

 (require setup/materialize-user-docs)
  package: racket-index

Added in version 1.1 of package racket-index.


(materialize-user-docs [on-setup])  void?

  on-setup : ((-> boolean?) -> any) = (lambda (setup) (setup))
Checks whether a user-specific documentation entry point already exists in (find-user-doc-dir), and if not, runs raco setup in a mode that will create the entry point (to have the same content as the installation’s documentation entry point.)

The run of raco setup is packaged in a thunk that is provided to on-setup, which can adjust the current output and error ports as appropriate and check the thunk’s result for success.

The on-setup argument is not called if the documentation entry point already exists in (find-user-doc-dir).