6.1 Running raco setup

With no command-line arguments, raco setup finds all of the current collections—see Libraries and Collectionsand compiles libraries in each collection. (Directories that are named ".git" or ".svn" are not treated as collections.)

To restrict raco setup to a set of collections, provide the collection names as arguments. For example, raco setup scribblings/raco would only compile and render the documentation for raco, which is implemented in a "scribblings/raco" collection.

An optional "info.rkt" within the collection can indicate specifically how the collection’s files are to be compiled and other actions to take in setting up a collection, such as creating executables or building documentation. See Controlling raco setup with "info.rkt" Files for more information.

The raco setup command accepts the following command-line flags:

When building racket, flags can be provided to raco setup as run by make install by setting the PLT_SETUP_OPTIONS environment variable. For example, the following command line uses a single process to build collections during an install:

  env PLT_SETUP_OPTIONS="-j 1" make install

Changed in version 6.1: Added the --pkgs, --check-pkg-deps, and --fail-fast flags. Changed in version 6.1.1: Added the --force-user-docs flag. Changed in version Added the --only-foreign-libs flag.